“The black juice of Calabria”, a liqueur with a captivating taste, obtained by the infusion of the licorice root (Glycyrhiza glabra, linnaeus) cultivated according to traditional methods. The plant grows spontaneously in immaculate soils that are not contaminated by fertilizers; its roots, which can be a few meters long, are used by extracting the powder through grinding or the juice through a cooking process. With the molasses thus obtained we proceed to make candies or infusions for the liqueur. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the licorice of Calabria is the best licorice for all its gastronomic and pharmaceutical benefits, as regards to the quality of the raw material. In fact, from ancient times, the roots have been said to contain many beneficial qualities. It’s excellent after a meal, and best served cold, leaving a unique and distinctive flavor in one’s mouth. It is ideally suited for the creation of long drinks and sensational on sorbets. Mixing the Bitter(Amaro) liquor with Moliterrno Liquirizia liquor in the right proportions, allows you to create a new, original and customized drink, with a unique flavor.