A liqueur with a unique taste obtained by macerating the limetta peel (citrus limetta), citrus fruit of the rutaceae family. It’s a medium-small round shaped fruit that is flat on both ends. The characteristic element of this fruit is the intense aroma, much stronger than other citrus fruit. In the province of Cosenza it is called Piretto, in other places Sweet Limoncella, Limo, Lumia etc. It is a natural hybrid like the Bergamot. There are over 20 species of limetta trees, the one we cultivate is the Roman Limetta that has a sweet and edible pulp unlike others that have an acidy pulp. Our limetta liqueur comes in two versions: Sweet Limetta, with a greater amount of sugar, or dry. It is best served straight up and very cold. It’s very versatile, for  it can be used in the preparation of desserts, cakes, to enhance fruity or creamy ice cream and in fruit salads, particularly good on pineapple. It’s also a great ingredient for the preparation of long drinks and cocktails.

This liquor is the same as  Limetta, except for the quantity of sugar it contains, making it Dry Limetta. It is served the same as Limetta.